Frequently Asked Questions

Are you products original?

Yes, at CosmeticLots we only buy and sell original, 100% authentic products. Our products are sourced directly from the manufacturer or licensed and reputable distributors and liquidators.

Can I select the items in the mixed lot?

Unfortunately no, our mixed lots are designed to provide a great mix of products and quantities at an amazing price. All of these lots are sorted and counted to ensure that all provide a great value and opportunity to resell for a profit.

We want you to return time and time again to purchase from us, therefore we do our best to ensure all mixed lots are filled with amazing products and mix of goods.

What are the conditions of your products?

Please be aware that most of our products are new and sealed in their original packages. We do however sell some overstock and shelf pull items that may show some handling wear and tear. 

We do pride ourselves in ensuring that we remove any obvious damaged products, however we aren’t perfect and may miss an item or two.

What is the expiration date status of your products?

Some of our shelf-pulled or liquidated items may be expired, we do conduct a thorough inspection of these products and try out best to remove items that are broken, and damaged. Most cosmetics do not come with an expiration date printed on them this makes it very difficult to determine the expiration date. Most products come with a lot number printed on them, which have no correlation to the actual date.

Expiration dates can usually be found on items that contain SPF, like foundations or powders. These items that contain SPF will have the actual date with month printed on the packaging. Once the expiration date passes the SPF runs out and will no longer protect against the sun.

Keep in mind that the majority of cosmetics are good for a very long time as long as they have never been opened. You can now start to find items in stores without expiration dates or lot numbers. They are now transitioning to what is called "PAO" which stands for Period After Opening.

What these symbols mean is that the product is good for the number of months shown in the picture above after they have been opened.

Our factory Direct Items are not expired and are what is called continuous stock and factory fresh. This includes brands such as Beauty Creations, LA Girl, LA Color, US Amour, Kara Beauty, She Makeup and many more.

Do I need to be wholesalers to buy?

At CosmeticLots we do not have any requirements to shop online and buy our products at great discounted prices. However, we encourage you to sign up on our website to track your orders, quick check out and stay informed of new products and services.

Wholesale purchases do require that you register online and may require additional information and or documentation, depending on your location. Our wholesale pricing is on a tiered system, which will provide you an overall savings on most of products once you reach the purchase tiers.


USA: ($500 – 10%) ($1000 – 20%) ($1500 – 30%)

Mexico: ($5000 – 10%) ($10000 – 20%) ($20000 – 30%)

Guatemala: (Q2000 – 10%) (Q5000 – 20%) (Q10000 – 30%) 

How do I place and order? 

There is many ways to buy our products and save!!

Website - you can add items to your cart, select a shipping option, enter your payment information and submit. Your order will be processed and shipped. 

Email - Please send us an email with your order, contact information and shipping address to One of our sales representatives will contact you to process your order and arrange payment. 

Phone - Call us today to speak with an experienced CosmeticLots sales representative.

+1 888 499-5687 USA

+52 1234 4567 Mexico

+502 5656 4545 Guatemala

In Person – Please contact us to inquire about availability

How does shipping work?

Please refer to our page

Will I receive and invoice?

Yes, upon completion of a purchase and upon confirmed shipment of your order we can provide you with an invoice and proof of payment.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

Direct Bank Deposits (Mexico and Guatemala)

Cash On Delivery (Mexico and Guatemala – limits apply)

OXXO (Mexico - contact us for transaction code)

Bank Transfers (ACH, Wire, Zelle)

Paypal (Some restrictions apply)

Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express), your billing and shipping address MUST match. We have the right to cancel orders at anytime.

Is there a minimum order?

Some products will require a minimum piece count to be ordered. To find out additional information on order minimums create an account.

Click here to create your account now >>>

How can I be tax-exempt?

If you are in the state of California and have a Resale Certificate, please create your account and email us a copy of your current Certificate. We will then modify your account.
If your shipping address is outside of the sate of California you will be considered tax-exempt.
If your order is shipping directly to an international freight forwarder and you can provide proof of export you will be considered tax-exempt.